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Northern Region Volleyball Procedures

Volleyball Match Pre-game Activities. 

Home team should have the facility prepared for a match at least 30 minutes prior to the starting time. 


  1. Net height should be 7 feet, 4 1/8 inches measured at the center. The height at the end of the net can’t be more than ¾ inch higher.

  2. Referee’s platform should be placed at the end of the net opposite the benches and scorer’s table.

  3. Two “game balls” inflated with 4.3 to 4.6 pounds per square inch. Home team should have staff to retrieve all game balls during match under the control of the Referees. Lines Judges are not responsible for chasing down the game balls.

  4. Scorer’s/Officials table with scoresheet and scorekeeper and timer. (The home team is responsible for personnel to act as scorekeeper, timer, and two line judges.) Table should be long enough to accommodate at least three people: Official Scorer, Official Timekeeper, and (optionally) the Visitor’s scorekeeper. Table should be 10 feet from the court sideline.

  5. Team benches/chairs for each team should flank the Official’s Table between the attack line and the serving line 10 feet from the sideline.

  6. All moveable overhanging basketball backboards should be in the best position so as to not impede play.


Pre-Game Warm Ups (Download and Print)

The pre-match warm up procedure will vary from conference or league.  Here are the most relevant procedures in use today.

ALL Northern Region Public Schools Procedure is as follows:

  • We will start the 20 minute continuous clock and buzz a warning 15 seconds prior to all the 5 time periods:
    • 2 mins of combined warm-up (as Referees discuss rules with Coaches/Captains)
    • 4 mins of full-court warm-up for the Home Team
    • 4 mins of full-court warm-up for the Away Team
    • 5 mins of full-court warm-up for the Home Team
    • 5 mins of full-court warm-up for the Away Team

    You should or may have the coin flip and the Captains meeting 30 minutes before the match starts (before the 20 minute clock starts if time permits.)

  • The Northern Region procedure MAY likely not be used when a Northern Region team is matched up against a non-Northern Region Opponent as the visitor.

  • But starting in 2011, all the Northern Region Public Schools will use this format.  These schools will include all public High Schools in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax County and Stone Bridge High School in Loudoun County.  George Mason HS in Falls Church City will NOT use the NEW Warm up procedure.

    MOST OTHER MATCHES (Most Private schools, and public schools):

    • 8 mins Combined Warm Up with each team on half the court
    • 5 mins of full-court warm up for 1 team
    • 5 mins of full-court warm up for opposing team
    • 2 mins of combined time with both teams on their respective ends of their court

    WCAC Conference (Bishop Ireton, Bishop O’Connell, and Paul VI):

  • They use 30 minutes in between the JV and Varsity match and officials can still meet w/ the captains at the 20 min mark. However they will go with an 8/6/6 warm up.

    • 8 minutes shared followed by
    • 6 min Home Team Full Court – to include serving
    • 6 min Visitor Team Full Court  - to include serving
  • If the first match of a doubleheader runs long, the time between matches is 20 minutes once the court has been cleared.

    Coaches must present an accurate roster showing names and numbers to the official scorer 10 minutes prior to the start of match.

    Coaches must submit written line ups prior to each game. The line up is presented at least 2 minutes prior to the end of the timed pre-match warm up period. And no later than two minutes following a game.


Coaches and Captains meeting with Referees.


Referee Procedures And Guidelines


UNIFORM:  The preferred uniform is a white pull over shirt with collar, black slacks, and all black shoes and socks.  A black belt must be worn if slacks have belt loops.  No cell phones or pagers should be worn or carried.  Undershirts (if worn) must be white. 

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT:  Pea-less plastic whistle and lanyard, digital watch with stop watch, red and yellow cards, coin for flip at least the size of a quarter, net chain, ball pressure gauge, small air pump, back up whistle, rule books (not visible), bag or pouch to carry all equipment.

VIRGINIA HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUE:  All officials must have attended a National Federation Rules clinic in the year that they officiate to be eligible to officiate VHSL matches.  Officials must take the National Federation Exam prior to working a VHSL match.  Officials must make at least an 80% on the exam to be eligible to officiate at the Varsity level.  Failure to comply with the clinic attendance or exam requirements must be reported to John Porter.  Failure to comply with this paragraph may result in a fine, suspension and forfeiture of officiating fees.

SCHEDULE PROBLEMS:  Officials are required to verbally confirm all written assignments on receipt.  The acceptance of the assignment is a contract with the association.  If an official feels that he may have to miss an assignment or be late for an assignment they should notify John Porter immediately by phone.  NO ASSIGNMENTS MAY BE “TURNED BACK” BY EMAIL OR FAX!  The association may fine an official for being late or missing any part of a match or assignment.  The association will reassign without penalty or fine any assignment properly turned back with adequate time to reschedule a replacement.  Referees may not reassign their matches to other officials without permission from John Porter.  

PRE MATCH:  Call your partner (or return his call) at least 24 hours before the match to confirm site, time, and meeting location.  Arrive in gym in uniform at the time listed on the schedule (the schedule will show the show up time rather than the match time.)  Call to report any official that fails to show up at least by 20 minutes prior to the match as soon as the warm up period begins.  Check net, check antennas, and check poles and referee stand for safety and padding.  Check the court for proper lines and hash marks.  The game event manager should make corrections to the facility - not the officials.  Check match balls pressure (4.5 lbs) and correct if necessary.  All officials should introduce themselves together to each head coach.  Conduct the coin flip and explain warm up procedures.

2nd Referee briefs the timer and administers the warm up periods.  2nd Referee briefs the scorekeeper on substitutions, time outs, and how to handle an illegal server.  Brief the scorekeeper on keeping the visual score equal to score book score and verify the final score at the end of each match.  Require scorekeeper to signal times outs taken by each team to the 2nd Referee.  Insures that the rosters are submitted 10 minutes prior to each match and line-ups submitted two minutes prior to each match and I minute prior to each subsequent game.

1st Referee briefs lines judges on in and out calls, antennas, foot faults and touches.  1st Referee helps the 2nd Referee in administering the warm ups.

POST MATCH:  Crew chief leads in debrief and critique of the crew.  This should be done away from the public.  Crew chief is responsible for reporting any ejections or disqualifications and serious or unusual incidents to John Porter.  Any referee that shows up late, misses the match, or not in condition to perform should be reported before and after the match.  

Information from the Central Virginia Volleyball Officials Association:

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